How We're Keeping
Your Information Safe

Privacy Policy

Townline believes that your personal information deserves protection. While you can visit the site without registering or providing any personal information, you will need to register if you want further information.

What does Townline use your personal information for?
  • To build your Townline account.
  • To process your requests.
  • To personalize the delivery of site content to you.

We may also use personal account information and data collected through your personal identification to generate statistics and aggregate reports for internal use and for sharing with affiliates and advertisers. These statistics and aggregate reports will not contain any personally identifiable information. Your identity is kept anonymous.

How does Townline protect your personal information?

Our industry-standard firewalls are a combination of hardware and software that securely separates the Internet from our organization’s web servers and our web servers to our data. They are designed to prevent unauthorized access to our web servers as well as our data. All data is stored on web servers secured in locations.

Does Townline use “Cookies”?

Depending on how you have configured your browser, when you browse at Townline, a small file – a “cookie” – is stored on your computer. The cookie contains a unique personal identification code and is used to personalize your experience by alerting you to features and information we think would be of interest to you.

If you arrive on Townline with your cookies turned off, you won’t be identified until you register and sign-in.

Does Townline disclose personal information to Third Parties?

We do not and will not sell or rent users’ non-aggregated specific personal information to third-party companies.

Townline reserves the right to cooperate with local, provincial and national, international, and interuniversal officials in any investigation requiring either personal information — including any personal information provided online through Townline — or reports about lawful or unlawful user activities on this site.

Townline also reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time. We also reserve the right at any time to disclose any information in an individual’s account:

  • To satisfy any law, regulation or government request
  • If such disclosure is necessary or appropriate to site operation, or
  • To protect the rights or property of Townline and its users, sponsors, providers, lcensers or merchants.

Thank you for taking the time to review these policies which are for your convenience and safety.